The digital space is like an endless universe; content is abundant about anything and everything that surfing is always fun. In this day and age, taking up hobbies has been easier for you to have all kinds of influencers curating wonderful content on disparate topics.

Food bloggers have earned a significant space on social media platforms as they churn out quick hacks and easy everyday recipes that even a novice can follow. Especially if you are yearning to learn cooking, food blogs are the most convenient way, to begin with.


While free internet is a boon, the bane is that anyone can create content, making it a herculean task to filter the idyllic content for you. But, don’t fret for we are here for your rescue, presenting 4 drool-worthy food blogs.

4 Great Food Blogs To Follow

Minimalist Baker

First on our list is this insanely famous food blog with over 2 million following on Instagram. As the name suggests, it offers simple cooking recipes that take 10 ingredients or less and 30 minutes or less to prepare. It’s tailor-made in heaven to adjust to the modern-day busy schedules by taking up very less of our times.

The baker releases new recipes every three days so that the quotidian cooking never stops or gets monotonous. The recipes released at  Minimalist Baker are a potpourri of savory and sweet ranging from SOS breakfast recipes to scrumptious, sinful chocolate cakes.

Moreover, the baker, Dana, welcomes all types of eaters- vegan, gluten-free, vegetarian, she has some magic cooked up in her head for everyone. Lastly, her biggest USP is that she does not do any sponsored content to expose a trustable front to her audience.

Serious Eats

Serious Eats dons the crown of James Beard Foundation for Best Food Blog and Best Video Webcast. It’s run by a miscellany of food experts like a former NY Times food contributor and industry experts with a truckload of experience under their belts.

So, what you can expect from this food blog is “all things food and drink” which attracted around 340K people. With such experts behind the counter, the recipes are meticulously tested which have science baking for particular cooking techniques.

If you are seriously considering the culinary field, you can start easily with the blog’s in-depth reviews of cooking equipment. You can also benefit from the food essays and research if you are a culinary student and for newbies, the blog has ingredients and cuisines guides.

Smitten Kitchen

We present to you the perfect trusted food blog for all you home cooks. Curated by Deb Perelman, a graduate of George Washington University who wrote ‘Smitten Kitchen Cookbook’ which became the no. 2 New York Times’s Best Seller.

With a loyal following of 1.4 million followers, Smitten Kitten is a thriving blog due to a multitude of reasons. Firstly, Deb shares a one-sided intimacy with her following, making her trustworthy and reliable to listen to.

Secondly, she understands that most of her audience work on a budget and hence never adds small amounts of any expensive ingredient which fosters trust a lot. Deb humbly serves drool-worthy recipes from takeout food to something like caramelized cabbage risotto, making versatility her strongest asset and success-ladder too.

Cookie and Kate

Cookie and Kate is a food blog dedicated to sustainable food which evokes pleasure in all our sensory organs, believed to be the only right way to enjoy food. Kate is the runner of this one-woman show with her sidekick, her pet dog.

Her knowledge doesn’t stop at just real food but extends to food policy and nutrition as well. All her recipes are about quality and quantity, right from luscious green veggies to molten brownies. Her cookbook is a straightforward one to follow like her frequently posted recipes ranging from baked goods, entrees, and more.

Her recipes are all meticulously organized under different sections which includes something for everyone. Lastly, are all vegetarian as she religiously believes in working with only whole foods which she serves in aesthetically pleasing angles.

4 Great Food Blogs To Follow

The Bottom Line

Digital media has become such an eventful place to be where you can learn about anything and everything online. Similarly, these revered and much-lauded food blogs bring us top-notch recipes and easy-to-replicate best seller cookbooks along with serving some food aesthetic all over our feeds.