Are you one of those extreme card lovers who would always prefer playing cards to reading a good book, and worse — watching a relaxing movie with a significant other. If so, you are right on the spot.

Here are a few pretty fun card games variations for two that will encourage you to play with just another card enthusiast like you — a friend or a family member. Fantastic!


You can potentially play with two people in any card game but listed here are some of the best card games to play with two people. Discover them as you read on.

Discover Card Games to Play With 2 People
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Double Solitaire

It is one of the most elegant card games for two players because it is a variant of classical Solitaire. After rearranging the deck, the main goal is to place all the cards down by suiting and rating the cards in a sequence of moves.

Much of the rules are the same as in the classic game, except for the competitive twist – one of the players decreases pile while making the opponent pile greater. It’s also most commonly known as Patience game.


It is enjoyable and one of the most popular card games for two in the USA. This could be considered a good match for the family. When two persons play each hand’s winner deals the next.

The deal shifts to the next player on the left when more than two people are involved. Every player has the goal of forming matched sets composed of groups of 3 or 4 of a kind, or three or more card sequences of the same suit.

Discover Card Games to Play With 2 People
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Egyptian Rat Screw

It’s a speed matching card game that boosts excitement and provokes rapid responses. Being a card game for two or more players, the goal requires that you take as many cards as you can to become the winner.

It resembles somewhat the old game called Beggar-Thy-Neighbor, but what makes it stand out from the other similar two-player card games is the following rule: the players can only slap the cards if they are obtained in special combinations first.


Now, this is one very classic and exciting card game for two players— all about pace and quick reflexes. It’s a fun jungle, but it makes you drive your concentration and counting skills to the max.

The winner is the one first to get rid of their cards. It’s more soothing than brain-teasing, so it’s great for a nice hang out with your mate.

Discover Card Games to Play With 2 People
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Poker is the ultimate blockbuster in the collection of card games. As they say, learning it can take a day or a year, but you need a lifetime to master it.

Among the countless variants, Texas Hold’em is the most common of all types of poker. If you wonder, you can sure play poker as a card game for 2 people only. First, make sure that you explore the other rules that could apply to play 2 player poker.

The Bidding War

Yeah, you’d say a little childish, but accept it – after all, it’s loads of fun. The ultimate objective is as simple as that- it just takes a war over your opponent’s card to never run out of cards. This allows the gameplay kind of repetitive in action.

Generally speaking, this game is not a brain-teaser but a calming and fun way to spend some quality family time with your kids, so never underestimate this game of cards for two. Better just do it!


In short, we can admit that the card games for 2 can be a great way of relaxing and having fun, just getting a card deck and only one opponent to share the fun. So which of the two-player card games listed here is your choice for today?