Presently, cars are more high-tech, complex, and reliable than at any time in automotive history. The automotive industry is always figuring out ways to cram more creativity into the cars we drive, as in any forward-looking business. 

Thanks to high-tech developments, like biometrics, AI, solar power, and more, our automotive landscape is about to get a lot better. Depending on the technology tailored to their new ride, most car buyers draw purchasing decisions.


More than 30% of shoppers said they would look at an entirely different car if the technology were not intuitive. Let’s take a look at the latest technologies that you would like your new car to have.

Need a New Car? Make Sure it Has This Automotive Technology
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Autonomous Technology

Autonomous vehicles are self-driving cars that drive on their own using various cameras,  laser scanners, brake actuators, sensors, and EPS motor.

With Google, the most popular self-driving vehicle, that has been around for several years and is still running great, has a place. This technological development could decrease vehicle accidents and reduce traffic.

Actual self-driving technology is still a way off. Still, systems such as Cadillac’s Super Cruise and Tesla’s Autopilot use sensors and cameras to steer cars and keep them aligned, without any driver input. 

You still need to paying attention to the road, but it can be refreshing not to have to think about steering consciously.

Active Health Monitoring

Ford Motor Company has unveiled the concept of seatbelt or steering wheel sensors that monitor vital statistics. However, the rapid advancement of wearable devices implies that almost all cars will only pair wirelessly with these devices. 

Integrate this with simple autonomous technology, and when the driver has a heart attack, you have a vehicle that can pull over and contact paramedics.

Need a New Car? Make Sure it Has This Automotive Technology
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Driver Override Systems

This applies to autonomous driving, but it’s special because the car deliberately disregards your orders and makes its own choices. We also have vehicles that will stop you if you neglect to hit the brakes. 

But now, even if the driver has the gas pedal floored, automobiles will slam on the brakes. The rapid rise in sensor technology would prompt a priority shift, handing the car the final say, not you.

Mobile Payment Systems

Visa and SiriusXM may have the remedy for what afflicts you: in-dash ordering and automatic payment for — food, gas, toll, and parking — items you use often. Anything from your driver’s seat, either use the infotainment display of your car or voice commands. 

We’ve seen systems where you can buy your morning coffee from General Motors and many others, but some features often involve direct contact with your phone, making them less efficient.

They also request that you own one of the company’s vehicles in the case of GM’s Marketplace. Your car needs to have a 4G-LTE data connection with the SiriusXM/Visa tech and SiriusXM related services, all of which you might already have. 

The two companies are now diligently working to sign up participating suppliers and providers en masse to guarantee that your corner gas station and most commonly used toll road can accept your mobile payment to make the most of this.

Need a New Car? Make Sure it Has This Automotive Technology
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Final Words

The next aspect coming in the line of tech advancements in this technology-driven world is the automotive industry. Recently, automotive makers have partnered efficiently with global technology organizations to create the most excellent, most convenient, and safest vehicles out there.

Cars can do considerably more than drive and stop, just like smartphones that are already designed to do more than making calls. You will want to make sure that if you’d like a new car, you have the automotive technology listed above.