If you want to own a home, you need to know what a mortgage is and how it works. A mortgage is definitely a loan, but it’s a little different. You should think twice about getting a loan for frivolous things, but getting a loan for your new dream home may be something you have to do. 

Apartments and houses can cost in the hundreds of thousands, and that much can take you a lifetime to save up. So once you know what a mortgage is and how it works, you will discover that you do have more immediate options. These options can change your lifestyle dramatically. 


Changing homes may be something you’ve probably thought about for some time now and just haven’t figured out how to go about it. Well, stick around as you get fo find out more about what a mortgage is about. As well as info on how you can get one and how long it takes to finance is up next.

Know What A Mortgage Is And How It Works

Understanding What A Mortgage Is

A mortgage is a loan taken out to acquire a property or land, that’s basically the simplest explanation of what a mortgage is. It usually takes around 25 years to pay it off, though some may be shorter or longer in some instances. The loan [mortgage] is secured against the value of your home, and if you fail to keep up with the payments the lender may repossess your home.

Why You Should/Shouldn’t Get A Mortgage

If you’re looking at a mortgage you have to consider all the aspects that come with it, both the good and the bad. First of all, what you should mainly consider is if you’ll be able to keep up with the payments. If you can’t, other than risk your house being reposed, you should just keep off.

Think about the costs of running a house, such as bills, tax, and insurance too. If those costs will stretch you, then a mortgage isn’t the best idea for you. The lender also has a part to play as to whether you get the mortgage or not.

What Is A Mortgage Deposit?

There’s a deposit you make when looking to buy a house. You can also call it a down payment and it matters a lot when it comes to buying a house through a mortgage. The deposit goes to covering a huge part of the purchase of the house and the bigger it is the lower the interest of the loan.

The house is also secured, for the loan, on the remaining percentage, after the deposit. For example, if you deposit $4,000 for a mortgage of $40,000 you’d have covered 10% of the mortgage, the remaining 90% is what your mortgage is secured on.

The cheapest deals come to people who usually have around 40% of the deposit on the home they are trying to get a mortgage on.

How To Apply

Several factors determine if you can get a mortgage or not and they are mainly determined by the lender. Some of the factors include your income and even some of your expenses play a part as to if you get the mortgage or not. Expenses that the lender has to consider are child support, household bills among others.

To apply for a mortgage, there are two stages that you can use. The first stage is the one you begin your application process, after, the lender then begins a heavy fact-finding mission to find out as much as they possibly can about your eligibility for the loan. You also have to provide plans that may affect your finances.

The second one is where the lender asks you a couple of questions to determine what type of loan you qualify for. This also includes how much time you want the mortgage to last for. This is done so the lender knows just how much they are prepared to offer you in terms of the loan.

Learn What A Mortgage Is So You Can Get Your New Home

What Happens After Acceptance

You may now be wondering what happens after your application has been accepted, right? When your application for a mortgage has been accepted, the lender will give you a binding offer and mortgage illustration documents. These documents explain the terms and conditions of the mortgage.

After you receive all that, you now get a reflection period that is not less than 7 days. This is where you can make a comparison after reading the documents and find out if the mortgage suits you. You, however, have the right to waive this reflection period if the terms are agreeable so that you can fasten your home purchase.

Know What A Mortgage Is And How It Works Conclusion

Taking out a mortgage to own a house may look like a slow process, but it is by far the easiest ways you can get into your dream house fast. As long as you have the facts right and all documents in order, you can easily begin the process of acquiring your home mortgage loan.

Note: There are risks involved when applying for and using a credit card. Consult the bank’s terms and conditions page for more information.