Volunteering is not only about helping people in need with your time and talent, but it is also about helping yourself. Some volunteering jobs come in very handy when it comes to looking for work, and having them on your resume can make a big difference to a potential employer.

This work comes with a lot of emotional as well as mental fulfilment, and can put you in touch with people from all walks of life. When you deal with different kind of people, it not only makes you sensitive to the human plight, but can also give you a whole new meaning to life.


Finding the right volunteer opportunities however takes time, and you need to be very smart about it. You must know where to find these jobs, and the right organizations to work with. We have outlined for you the ways in which you can find great opportunities. Here goes.

How to Find Great Volunteer Opportunities
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Check with Local Schools

If you are a student, the best place to find some volunteering opportunities would be in your local school. Visit your guidance counselor and ask them if there are any openings for volunteers. They might just be able to guide you through this.

For college students, try the office for student involvement, and see if there are any good student organizations that are run by volunteers.

Local Libraries and Museums

These are the most common places to find volunteering positions as they are almost always looking for volunteers. This also looks very good on your resume, as it shows your love for history and/or arts, along with having great organizational skills.

Check on Places of Worship

Synagogues, churches, and mosques in your area might also need some volunteers, as they tend to deal with plenty of needy people and youth. These are people that need direction, and if you are good at that, and offering advice, places of worship might just be where you find a great volunteer position.

Finding Volunteer Work Online

If you are going to search online, there are plenty of sites that have dashboards filled with volunteer jobs, such as the following.


At VolunteerMatch.org, you get to search for all sorts of volunteer opportunities. The site is pretty straightforward and simple to use.

All you need to do is type in your zip code and the keyword for the type of opportunity looking for, and the activities you wish to do – and you will get a list immediately.

Once you find what you want, simply send a message to the website’s volunteer coordinator expressing your interest in a specific program.


Idealist.org is an excellent site to search for volunteer opportunities. Their best feature is the ability to drill down to the exact opportunity you are looking for.

When you type the city in the search box, you will be able to use the sidebar to look for the events that you feel you want to participate in. It’s as simple as that.

You can also choose to see only conferences, walks, or even fundraisers. If you wish to make a career in non-profits, then this would be a great site to find such work.

All for Good.org

The All for good.org site provides service for Points of Light, which is a large nonprofit organization that was inspired by the Daily Points of Light Award that was offered to President George H.W. Bush. It is designed for people that have made a difference.

You can search for opportunities on the site by location and get to see the results from places such as United Way, AARP, and many more. Additionally, you could start your own project or register an organization with them to start recruiting for volunteers.

How to Find Great Volunteer Opportunities
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Volunteering opportunities are many and you can find what you want either by networking or online. Sign up on the websites we have listed above, and you might be one step closer to finding your ideal volunteering job. All the best!