Dangerous driving habits cause thousands of avoidable deaths a year, and those habits are sometimes simple little things we could easily avoid doing. Before learning how to drive, you were probably thinking that it was going to be one of the hardest things you could ever learn. 

Of course the first few months, after getting your driving license, you probably drove very well, and you were extremely careful. Fast forward to a few more months later, after you mastered the art of driving, you probably started getting a little sloppy about the driving habits you keep. This is usually the start of some very bad driving behavior.


Dangerous driving habits are what causes accidents, and as we all know car accidents can be fatal. So we looked into some of the most common bad driving habits and have created a list for you up next. If you do any of those things – STOP. 

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 Driving While Distracted

We all have a lot going on in our personal lives, and sometimes we tend to overthink things. So, if you are in a bad place personally, and thinking way too much, it is probably advisable not to drive in the worst of those times. 

The reason is that you may be too distracted thinking about what is causing you sleepless nights, that you end up missing things like a STOP sign, or another car headed towards you or even something simple like a red light.  

Driving while distracted should be avoided at all costs, and if you are in this place, it’s wise to take a cab. Additionally, while driving your phone should be off or on silent. 


Nothing feels quite as good as stepping on the gas and just flying off. This is why we love movies like those in the Fast and the Furious franchise. But did you know that the movie is not real? They do not really drive that fast, and if they have to, it’s under very safe conditions.

You cannot be Vin Diesel on the roads, it could lead to speeding tickets, charges and even worse is that you could lose control of your vehicle and cause a serious accident. To avoid this, stick to the speed limit, and if you feel that you are driving way too fast, resist the urge to feel good about it and simply slow down.

Driving Under the Influence

This is one of the worst criminal offences you can commit. It is the number one cause of vehicular fatalities in the US, and according to statistics at least 3 people are killed by a drunk driver every 2 hours. 

Driving under the influence compromises your vision, and reaction times, and you can cause some very serious damage to yourself as well. The legal limit is 0.8 and an underage driver can be arrested and charged with driving under the influence. 

The only appeal we can make to you is that you should avoid driving under the influence at all costs. If you must go out and have a drink or two with your friends, ensure that you have a designated driver who will be in charge of getting everyone home. Or spend those dollars on a cab or public transportation.

Not Using a Seatbelt

It’s hard to understand why anyone would do this. A seatbelt is the simplest and most effective form of prevention from injuries in case of an accident. The air bags are usually created to help reduce your injuries, but if you are in the back seat, a seat belt will work just fine.

Always, always, always wear a seatbelt. Buckle up before you start driving and you must be aware of the proper way to put on a seatbelt. Keep your kids belted up as well, and be a role model to them on how someone should behave when taking on the responsibility of driving. 

Ways to Avoid Texting While Driving
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The above list includes habits that can be stopped immediately. If you value your life and the lives of others, you should put an end to any bad driving habits that you have. Ensure that you obey all the rules on the road, stop at traffic lights and stop signs and also ensure that your vehicle is in good condition.