One of the questions many people have on their minds these days is how to shop at a package free store. Whether it’s buying liquids in bulk or even buying solids, you now have the option of doing it in a way that results in zero waste. 

Every day we are faced with a significant amount of waste due to the packaging our foods and household goods come in. Due to this, most people have resorted to shopping in package free stores to reduce wastage and save the environment. However, you need to plan for your shopping to avoid unnecessary packaging. 


The good news is that you can even get a discount when you shop this way. Whereas this process is somewhat daunting, the benefits are worth it. It helps you become more organized, avoids impulse shopping, and even gives you that sense of accomplishment.  Up next, we’re going to tell you how it works. 

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Where to do Package Free Shopping?

Depending on where in the world you live, there are several stores that offer this service. To quickly locate these beacons, check out Zero Waste Nerd or Zero Waste Home Litterless. These sites can give you specific locations and help you track down the stores close to you. 

Another quick place to check out is the farmer’s market where vendors encourage buyers to carry their own reusable bags.

What You Should Know About Package Free Shopping

Most people think this kind of shopping is only for dry foods, and that’s not true. This can be done for meats, cheeses, and even pastries. As long as you carry your own container, give it to the seller, they will happily fill your bulk wishes, you only have to ask. 

Some bulk stores also specialize in food items ready for your containers, such as honey, tofu, and even baking soda. You can also get washing detergents, lotion, liquid hand soap, and other detergents that you can carry in your containers.

Tips for Shopping at a Package Free Store

Keep in mind that package free stores are all about weight when it comes to pricing your goods. This means that instead of considering the price of a can of legumes, consider the price per pound. As such, keep in mind the weight of the container you are going to use. 

Alternatively, if you are not sure of the weight of your bags, you can stop by customer care, have it weighed, write down the number, so you don’t forget and proceed to do your shopping. Keep this number, so you avoid this process in the future.

Keep different bags and containers handy so you are prepared to buy anything from a kilo of detergent and lotions to a few handfuls of berries. If you don’t have a bag or container, most stores sell containers and jars that you can return or reuse. 

After Filling up, What Next?

Depending on what you want to buy and your budget, it’s best to keep track of all your purchases. The good news is, most of these stores have a weighing scale for you to check the weight and prices. Keep in mind too that different stores have different rules in place. If you are confused, there is no harm in asking.

Bottom Line

People are getting back to the basics these days. And that can mean dragging your kids away from their tech to play outside or it can mean trying to leave a small footprint on this earth by being conscious of our choices. One step you can take in the right direction is reducing waste with package free store shopping.