Latitude Infinity Rewards – See How to Apply

One of the many reasons why people apply for credit cards is the rewards that can be earned for every dollar spent by the cardholder. Personally, I believe that reward cards are the greatest way to max out the benefits of my credit card.

The Latitude Infinity Rewards Visa from Latitude Financial Services is one of many credit cards available today. Typically, this reward card comes with sign-up bonuses or extra points on top of the normal earn rate.


In this article, I’ll explain what Latitude Infinity Rewards Visa is and how you can apply for it. Continue reading for more information.

  • About Latitude Infinity Rewards Visa
  • Benefits of Using the Latitude Infinity Rewards Visa
  • Earning Reward Points
  • Latitude Infinity Rewards Visa Fees
  • How to Apply
  • Other Things to Consider
Latitude Infinity Rewards - See How to Apply
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About Latitude Infinity Rewards Visa

Instead of frequent travel mile rewards, the Latitude Infinity Rewards Visa provides cardholders with credit rewards for regular spending that can be redeemed for a range of real rewards.

Latitude Infinity Rewards - See How to Apply
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 This card has an endless points capacity, and I can use it to get gift cards, household goods, and activities.


If I pay my previous and current credit amount in full and on time, this card will give me a base credit limit of $1,000 and a max limit of 55 days to do so for purchases. 

What’s more interesting about this card is that there’s no interest fee on advance payment or balance transfers.

Who This Card Is Suited For

Latitude Infinity Rewards Visa is best suited for people who are interested in using the reward points for items, leisure activities, or gift cards, rather than flights.


As a big fan of gift cards, I can select from a variety of virtual and actual gift vouchers from well-known retailers, such as David Jones. The virtual gift cards will be sent to me, and actual gift cards will be mailed to me.

I can redeem gift vouchers for a variety of point values, starting at 2,000 and up to 100,000. For example, a $25 David Jones gift certificate might cost me 2,500 points, but a $250 David Jones gift certificate will cost me 25,000 points. That equates to a 0.01 point per $1 exchange rate.

Benefits of Using the Latitude Infinity Rewards Visa

The Latitude Infinity Rewards Visa comes with a slew of benefits, including no rewards cap. I may earn as many credits as I want during the card’s lifespan because the incentives are unlimited. 

Latitude Infinity Rewards - See How to Apply
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This is a definite benefit if I’m a big spender who wants to get the most out of my purchases, and many other cards tend to come with credit caps each month. With the Latitude Infinity Rewards Visa points also have no time limit. 

Because the points have no expiration date, I won’t have regrets at the end of the year, realizing that I haven’t used the card in a while. Furthermore, if I have a certain reward in mind, I may store up my prizes for as long as I wish.

Moreover, unlike other rewards systems with tiers and points limitations, the Latitude Infinity Rewards Visa program features a simple earn rate of one point for every $1 spent on qualifying transactions.

Drawbacks of the Latitude Infinity Rewards Visa

Despite the many advantages of the Latitude Infinity Rewards Visa, there are some disadvantages, such as the lack of a frequent traveler program and a restricted catalogue

The Latitude Infinity Rewards program is not tied to any associated airline loyalty systems, unlike the other credit card rewards programs. Flights and vacation incentives are more gratifying to many point chasers than gift cards and merchandise, thus it may not fit with my rewards aims. 

Furthermore, as opposed to other reward systems, Infinity Rewards’ catalogue is rather restricted. So, before I sign for the card, I must look through the rewards shop to see if there are any realistic and desirable rewards for me.

Earning Reward Points

The card gives me one reward point for every $1 I spend, and there is no limit to how many points I may earn.

Latitude Infinity Rewards - See How to Apply
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I can earn points for anything from my weekend breakfast and weekly grocery purchase to my next hotel reservation because I can use this card everywhere Visa is accepted.

However, certain transactions using the card will not accrue reward points. 

These include cash advances, ATM withdrawals, prolonged interest-free promotion transactions, wire transfers, insurance rates, and interest, and fees or penalties.

How to Redeem

I may use the Latitude Infinity Incentives website to redeem my points for rewards after I’ve accumulated enough. I can redeem my points for a range of rewards once I’ve checked in with my account name and password.

The reward points may subsequently be redeemed for a wide range of items and benefits, such as kitchen appliances or Apple gadgets.

It might also include leisure activities, such as horseback riding, sailing at sunset trip, or a trip to other locations. Gift cards, which are available for a variety of typical retailers, serve as a baseline for determining the worth of the points gained.

Latitude Infinity Rewards Visa Fees

When applying for a credit card, it is important to be aware of the fees and interest charged. 

Latitude Infinity Rewards - See How to Apply
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Below is a list of fees that come with the Latitude Infinity Rewards.

  • International Transaction – 3% of the Australian Dollar
  • International ATM Fee – $4 (on top of cash advance cost)
  • International Over the Counter Fee – $5
  • Cash Advance Fee – $1.95 or 3%
  • Payment Handling Fee – $2.50
  • Paper Statements – $2.50
  • BPAY – $0.95
  • Annual Fee – $69
  • Late Fee – $30
  • Special Promotion Fee – $35

Eligibility Requirements to Apply for a Latitude Infinity Rewards Visa

To apply for Latitude Infinity Rewards, I must be a permanent Australian resident and at least 18 years old. 

I must also have a steady source of income, but let it be clear to you that there’s no specific income requirement to apply for this reward card. 

So, as long as you’re a legal Australian citizen and have a stable source of income, you can definitely apply for Latitude Infinity Rewards Visa. However, you must understand first how cards like this work so you can maximize the experience that this card can offer.

How to Apply for a Latitude Infinity Rewards Visa

It’s easy to apply for a Latitude Infinity Rewards Visa. An online application takes an average of seven minutes to complete, and you will receive the result in just 60 seconds. To apply for this card, visit the Latitude website, make an account, and choose the Apply button.

Latitude Infinity Rewards - See How to Apply
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However, the card is not accepting new applications at the time of this writing. Contact Latitude Financial Services for more information about alternative flexible cards.

Reach Out to Latitude Financial Services

To find out more about the Latitude Infinity Rewards, it is advisable to contact the bank directly. 

Latitude Financial Services can be contacted by telephone within Australia at 1300-552-079 or outside of Australia at +61 287 478 178.

Their head office is located at 800 Collins Street, Docklands, VIC 3008 Australia.

Other Things to Consider

According to the card issuer, every 2,000 points gained entitles me to $20 in redeemable value, putting the worth of each point at $0.01. It would be a fantastic deal for a non-frequent traveler rewards card, as such cards often only pay out $0.005 each point.

Latitude Infinity Rewards - See How to Apply
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Also, keep in mind that many products available for purchase online are occasionally reduced

Weber Baby Q Cover, for example, was on sale for $39.95 at an online site, implying that the value per point was reduced to $0.00887 per point during the sale period. 

This is a common issue with non-frequent traveler reward cards. 

Trip Redemption Value

While rewards, like items or experiences, might be reduced, the value per point of a trip redemption is usually more than $0.01 per point, which is good for long flights in luxury cabins. Short-haul economy class trips are an exception to this rule.

However, if I do not fly frequently or am not interested in earning frequent flyer points, a rewards card like this will provide fair value when I use the points earned for the most valuable redeemable items.

Final Thoughts

For individuals like me who are looking for a rewards-based bank card that prioritizes product and gadget rewards programs above airline rebates, this card is an excellent option. Latitude Infinity Rewards Visa also does not have a point cap, which is a very useful feature. Additionally, the selection of awards is extensive. 

Disclaimer: There are risks involved when applying for and using credit products. Ensure you consult the bank’s terms and conditions page before agreeing to anything.