Apple Credit Card – How to Apply

Considering that there are hundreds of credit card options to choose from, it is necessary to evaluate all the important points before making a final decision.

Doing my research, I came across the Apple Credit Card, which advertised to offer tons of rewards to those that use proprietary services and products. Issued by Goldman Sachs, this credit card is highlighted by an intuitive digital wallet and low fees.


Throughout this article, I will discuss my experience with the card, including the following details:

  • What Is an Apple Credit Card?
  • Does Apple Credit Card Offer a Rewards System?
  • How to Apply for an Apple Credit Card
  • An Instant Rewards System
  • What About the APR?
  • Attractive Installment Plans for Apple Products
  • Manage Your Finances with Apple Credit Card
  • Get the Most Out of the Apple Credit Card
  • How to Contact Apple Credit Card Support
  • What’s Not So Great About Apple Credit Card?
Apple Credit Card - How to Apply
Image Source: Apple

What Is an Apple Credit Card?

First issued more than a year ago, the root idea is that it serves Apple product enthusiasts.

Apple Credit Card - How to Apply
Image Source: The Verge

As I later find out, this credit card certainly isn’t the best if you are an Android user or are looking for an all-inclusive cashback program. However, for those that use Apple Pay daily, it is the best option.


Although Apple had partnered with Barclays for the Rewards Visa before this, the company has discontinued this option.

The official Apple Credit Card is a much better solution (for both the company and its users). Coming at an annual fee of 0%, it is an attractive option that I had to try out.

Do You Get a Physical Card?

Absolutely! Once my application was approved, it took only five business days until the Apple Credit Card arrived at my address.


Still, there wasn’t a reason for me to use it, as I was able to perform all the payments through Apple Pay (although most retailers do accept the physical card as an alternative).

Does Apple Credit Card Offer a Rewards Program?

Money-back and rewards program is something that a plethora of credit card companies offer.

Apple Credit Card - How to Apply
Image Source: 9 to 5 Mac 

Thus, Apple decided to follow the trend and provide its users with attractive promotions and cash backs. As someone who enjoys Apple products and services, I was pretty impressed by it.

The highlighting point is a 3% cashback on a selection of purchases made through Apple Pay.

Throughout these few weeks of effective use, I found that these include Apple products, Uber, Uber Eats, Nike, Walgreens, Duane Reade, Exxon, and Mobil Gas stations, as well as all Panera purchases.

Cashback on Other Purchases

The cashback program isn’t limited to the aforementioned services and products, but the company also offers 2% on all other purchases made with Apple Pay.

If you don’t have one installed and you prefer to use a physical card, then you will receive 1% on anything that you shop.

How to Apply for an Apple Credit Card

Luckily, you don’t need to invest a lot of effort when it comes to applying for an Apple Credit Card.

Apple Credit Card - How to Apply
Image Source: Payments Journal

There are two ways to do it – the first one is to log in with your Cloud ID through the Apple Website. The second one, which I used, asks for an iPhone and the Wallet app.

While Apple doesn’t log any of your data, you will be asked for personal information such as full name, phone number, residential address, and annual income. 

Along with these, there are a couple of requirements that you need to meet in order to get approved.

The Eligibility Criteria

The first requirement that I found is to be a US citizen or a permanent resident. Furthermore, you need to be over the age of 18, providing an ID to prove it.

Lastly, the company makes its decision depending on your creditworthiness – mine is 720, so I didn’t have a lot to worry about.

But it is good to know that Apple approves most users above 600.

An Instant Rewards System

Unlike with most other cashback credit cards, you don’t need the billing cycle ends to receive the rewards.

Apple Credit Card - How to Apply
Image Source: The Points Guy

This is something that I was most happy with, considering that both the credit card and the cashback rewards can be used within minutes since the initial approval/rewards release.

There is an option for the physical credit card, but I could use the Apple Pay service, which was pretty great.

To be fair, the Apple Credit Card stands as a phenomenal choice for all people that want to get instant gratification.

Widely-Accepted MasterCard

While Visa Electron is more popular when it comes to internet payments, Apple and Goldman Sachs did a great job with this MasterCard.

The Apple Pay service is supported by 2/3% of retailers across the USA, and at the stores where I couldn’t use the iPhone checkout, the physical card worked perfectly.

What About the APR?

With a cool rewards program and an intuitive service, it seems like there isn’t anything to put against the Apple Credit Card.

Apple Credit Card - How to Apply
Image Source: WRCB-TV

However, it would be much better if the issuing company and Apple allowed an interest-free period. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case (for now).

The APR is set between 10.99% and 21.99%, all depending on your creditworthiness and market rate. Additionally, I was happy that there aren’t any penalties or late payment fees.

Not only that, but you won’t be subjected to any fees whatsoever (including those for foreign transactions or balance transfers).

Try to Make Payments on Time

Keep in mind that if you are late with your monthly payment, it may impact the APR.

Although the Apple Credit Card doesn’t officially hurt your credit score, my opinion is that you will be much better off implementing a micropayment strategy.

This is something that I do, and it is pretty effective, especially if you are someone who is likely to forget the due date.

Attractive Installment Plans for Apple Products

As I have mentioned in the introduction, the Apple Credit Card stands as a fantastic choice if you are enthusiastic about their other services and products.

Apple Credit Card - How to Apply
Image Source: Mac Rumours

The 24-month installment for most Apple products is something that can change your life.

I found the opportunity to buy the latest MacBook and iPhone through a 24-month pay-off plan impressive.

The best thing about it? You will not be subjected to any kind of interest. Furthermore, there is a 3% cashback as the purchase is made through the Apple Pay service.

How Does the Installment Plan Work

Pretty simple. The first step is to be sure that the product you want to buy is eligible for an installment plan (that was the case with my new MacBook).

Once you have been approved, the monthly installment will be charged along with the regular 30-day payment that you make for the credit card.

Manage Your Finances with Apple Credit Card

The ability to successfully manage, track and balance my budget is something that I didn’t expect to get with this credit card.

Apple Credit Card - How to Apply
Image Source: iMore

The most impressive feature of the Apple financial manager has to be the interactive chart that allows users to understand what affects the APR.

Additionally, by being able to track how a certain payment or a purchase affects the final score, it is much easier to manage and cut unnecessary expenses.

Furthermore, Apple did a great job with the 24/7 customer service – when I contacted them to find why the payment I made wasn’t registered at the app, they responded within minutes.

Numberless Cards

If you are someone who is pretty skeptical when it comes to credit cards, the Apple Credit Card may be just the right choice for you.

Both the digital and the physical options don’t feature any numbers, which makes this credit card impenetrable.

Get the Most Out of the Apple Credit Card

If you decide to give this credit card a chance, then it is essential to create a good plan.

Apple Credit Card - How to Apply
Image Source: Macworld

From my experience, using this option is great if you want to pay for services through the Wallet app.

Furthermore, several major retailers, including Nike and Walgreens, do support the 3% cashback program.

With that in mind, to get the most value, you should focus on making all the relevant purchases through the Apple Pay service.

Monitoring Your Budget

Additionally, if you are already planning to invest in a new iPhone/Macbook, make sure that it is done at the official Apple store.

I found out that other authorized retailers don’t offer interest-free installment plans (or 3% cashback).

Apart from the payments and purchases, the integrated budgeting tools can help you figure out the habits that have the biggest impact on your finances. 

How to Contact Apple Credit Card Support

For now, I don’t have any major issues with this credit card apart from the fact that the purchase wasn’t instantly updated.

Apple Credit Card - How to Apply
Image Source: Observer

The in-app messenger stands as a helpful tool in case you have a simple issue that needs to be settled.

If that doesn’t help you with the problem, the other step is to log onto their website and try to find the answer in the FAQs.

Regarding the issues that you have with your physical card, Goldman Sachs is responsible.

Get in Touch with the Goldman Sachs Branch

Issued by the Goldman Sachs Bank, USA, Salt Lake City Branch, the physical card should arrive at your address within 5-10 business days.

In case that doesn’t happen or you have it stolen/lost, the number to call is (877) 255-5923.

What’s Not So Great About Apple Credit Card?

Much like any other credit card, this one won’t benefit you all.

Apple Credit Card - How to Apply
Image Source: Business Insider

Firstly, as an Android user, you can’t enjoy the cashback program, and you probably aren’t interested in the 24-month installment plan either.

In this case, it is the Citi Double Cash Back Card that offers an all-inclusive rewards system.

Furthermore, if you were hoping to get travel cashback or discounts, you will have to look elsewhere.

No Interest-Free Period

Not only that, but if you don’t shop at the retailers that support the Apple Credit Card, then you are probably better off with other options.

Lastly, there isn’t an interest-free period, which is why I consider that the Apple Credit Card isn’t an ideal choice for people that aren’t financially stable. 


I personally enjoyed it because there aren’t any fees and the cashback program and installment plan are suitable for any Apple enthusiast.

Note: There are risks involved when applying for and using credit. Consult the bank’s terms and conditions page for more information.